Technology Support for Students

Put the iPhone down, and back away from the table…

A medical insurance company is reporting on mental health problems with technology users…


Improve your numeracy Open School Resources

Science 9   BC Science 9 Connections

Physics 11   Edvantage Science Support, Create New Account,

then enroll  in the course…

BC Science Physics 11 enrolment code: Convex2017


Free for students, up to 5 copies of Office 365  VSB MS Office 365 Info

Login to Office 365:

To access Office 365 go to and login with your VSB user id and password.  Employees should enter their VSB and students should enter their

  • Outlook Online — email for students
    • Email addresses are created as described here:
      • ​The student’s fi​rst name plus the first initial of their last name plus the last 4-digits of their student ID and forms the student’s email address
      •  Example: Sarah Brown (student #332597) would have the email address
    • ​If the email address is already in use, the last 5-digits of the student # will be used
    • Students can locate their email address by clicking their name in the top-right corner of the Office 365 page (when they are logged in).

Your VSB password is your password.

On a Windows or Mac computer or an iPhone, iPad, or Android, enter into your computers Internet browser and login with your VSB user-id and password when prompted.  Screens shown here represent the experience on a Windows computer.

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