Science 9 Homework Blog


Final Exam Preparations

My advice, is to do the full practice test, OMIT the Astronomy, and then study the sections you are weakest at first.  Review the Quarks Leptons quiz….


Quarks Leptons Quiz  Sci 9 Quarks and Leptons Quiz vAName

Energy Nutrient Flow Quiz Sci 9 Water Energy Nutrient Flow Quiz 2017 vB

Practice Exam Pt1 Answer Key  key_pract_exam_prt_1

Practice Exam Pt2 Answer Key key_pract_exam_prt_2

Chemistry Practice Chemistry Practice Final

Electricity Practice Electricity Practice Final

Reproduction Practice Reproduction Practice Final


The Exam will be about 60 Multiple Choice Questions

15 Chemistry

15 Reproduction

15 Electricity

5 Quark Lepton

10 Energy Matter Flows


Jun 19 Mon D1 B Sci 9 Final Exam

Jun 20 Tues D2 H Sci 9 Final Exam

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