Science 9 Homework Blog

Blk 2-4  H Homework due for Monday Feb  26

Workbook to be completed to end of 3.4

Check Your Understanding for 3.4 (and any prior!!)

Series and Parallel lab activity… easy marks

Skills needed for the unit test, practical component.

Reading Analogue Gauges

(How to get the best reading, what to do if the reading is barely registering, or off the scale.  what to do if the needle is heading negative}

Reading a resistance or voltage directly from the digital multimeter.  Check the scale…  what does “1” display mean

Calculating a resistance of a circuit load from an ammeter reading in series with the load, and a voltmeter reading parallel to the load. (Using Ohm’s Law experimentally)

PLAY with a CIRCUIT SIMULATOR – pHET DC Circuit Simulator

Videos about primary cells

primary cells

Good visual explanation on primary cells


Blk 2-1 , 2-2



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