Science 10 Homework Blog

Practice with Climatographs HANDED IN.

OVERDUE:  Chem Unit Test Corrections.

Make up Chem Unit Test Tues Feb 27, After school

Make up pH lab Due Mar 2.   DEADLINE

Mark your practice test.  Chem Unit test from web answers

Do the Unit Review in those areas you did poorly SC10 Unit 2 – Chemistry Textbook Unit Review Answers

Special for Peter N. – Answers to Ch5 Retest Ch5 Retest Answers (No digital Q)

The Unit Test is based on past Provincial Exams.

Chemistry Unit Test Prep from BC Prov. Exam    BC10_examstudy_U2

Past Provincial Sample Exams and Keys

0811sc_p_b 0811sc_pk_b 0811sc_pk_a 0811sc_p_a


Resources On-Line  BC Science 10 Textbook   

Simulations Chemistry Simulations

Dupuis Teacher pdf Powerpoint Notes

A very good teacher’s site.


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