Science 9 Connection Additional Resources


Glossary Screen Capture Landscape v1

Sci9 Connections Vocab by Section v1



Letter Size

U1 Reproduction Unit 1  Sc9 Connections Unit 1 Reproduction LET

U2 Chemistry Unit 2  Sc9 Connections Unit 2 Chemistry LET

U3 Electricity Unit 3  SC9 Connections Unit 3 Electricity LET

U4 Ecology Unit 4  Sc9 Connections Unit 4 Ecology LET

Legal Size (Coming)


Electricity and Magnetism Simulations

Faraday Law – Just like the magnet/coil activity you did Faraday Laws


Hydro Power Production

Good Basic Video

Student Energy Series

Energy 101 Video Series



1. Picture Editor.  Digital Skills Needed, take GIANT .docx file(s), crop, trim and resize ~60 images to fit paper size(s).  MS Word 2016, high res monitor and graphics card essential.  I have done one file myself, and can give you simple instructions, but must be repeated, repeated… I estimate about two hours per file, 4 files total.   (Ask me about it…)

2. Battery Tester.   Sort through and test batteries, I will help set up a simple circuit, you change batteries in the circuit, read a number off a display, and put the batteries in categories, from good, useful, dying, and dead.  If we do it for all the other science teachers in the school as well, we would be doing a great service to the school, and make our circuit labs SO MUCH BETTER, cuz stuff vil vork fo’ dam shizzle.

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