Physics 11 Homework Blog

Physics Homework due for June 4/5th

Complete Chapter 7 Review in Workbook

BONUS MARKS? mentoring of Science 10 for Kinematics

Hand in 7.3A & 7.3B Refraction Lab – One per group. – Expect Test question with simulated data. – Draw best fit BY HAND & calculate slope= index of refraction

Optics Exam June 6 & 7

Finish 7.3 in the workbook.

Expect a quiz on drawing on a curved mirror image formation question, or a homework check.

Bonus Question.  Draw a top-down view, illustrating how you can see the same fish in a rectangular aquarium, in two different locations, by looking near the corner.  Include the glass in your drawing too.

Homework for May 24 & 25

Finish the Hewitt CP Page 30-2 & the three pages of lens drawings.


 pHET Simulations

Force Basics

HK Simulations

Forces in an Elevator



Quality Momentum Experiment

Hewitt Drew it – Cartoony Explanation Cannon

Hewitt Drew it – Cartoony Fish Lunch Problem

Hewitt Drew it Series

Crash Course Series

Khan Academy Series

Learn Engineering Series


Physics is often about coming up with the best concise (mathematical) description of reality.  This technology seems to violate current/accepted understanding of Law of Conservation of Momentum.  The RF Resonant Cavity Thruster – EMDrive, prototypes have been tested by NASA and the Chinese Space Agency and demonstrate small amounts of thrust, without ejecting propellant matter, only photons… Article about emdrive  Does experimental evidence show that theories are incomplete, flawed or wrong?


Who wants to be an Engineer?  Whoo-whoo!!

Real train physics/Mechanical Engineering:  Tractive Effort vs Horsepower

Engineering often involves figuring out the most economical way to get something done, within the limits of material strength, reliability and variability due to weather, etc.


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