Physics 11 Homework Blog

Long Weekend homework:  Consolidate your understanding of sections 2.1, 2.2 & 2.3 in the workbook, and have completed all the questions to that point.

You will have a lab/activity Wednesday, and a quiz Friday.

Bonus Questions so far

3.  A stone is dropped from ear height down a deep, dark well.  A measured time later the sound of the splash hits your ears, (say 3.46 s).  How deep is the well from your ear down. Assume sound travels at 340 m/s.  Use g =-9.8 m/s2

4.  A the top of a large building, a stone is thrown down at velocity V downwards.  At some distance h below, an identical stone is thrown upwards at velocity V upwards.  Where and when will they meet?

Textbook Webpage

You are to each make three graphs of the cart down the ramp experiment.

How do you calculation acceleration from velocity data?

Position vs Time

Velocity vs Time

Acceleration vs Time

Do all 3 on a single piece of graph paper, have time line up vertically the same on each….


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