Numeracy Practice

Grade 10 & 11 students will have a numeracy exam this year.  Prepare by completing some practice exams, and correct your mistakes to get better…

Overview of what Numeracy Test is about Chapman – Graduation Numeracy Assessment-BCAMT-FINAL

BC Numeracy Practice Tests

Grad_Numeracy_Sample_Assessment            Graduation_Numeracy_Assessment_Key

Giving_Out_Bonuses_Situation_and_Questions         Giving_Out_Bonuses_Answer_Key

FULL Exemplar with student responses grad_numeracy_scoring_guide_and_student_exemplars

Other Numeracy Practice Tests and Sites

sample-numeracy-and-literacy-test-paper-oct-16              Sample_Numeracy_Questions_with_Answers_Oct_2011

University of Kent Mathtest 1

University of Kent Mathtest 2

Royal Navy Entrance Exam 

US Forces Entrance Exam

 US Army Entrance Tests (Flash Needed)

Numeracy Entrance Tests for Nurses, Tradesmen and Teachers

Nursing numeracy test sample Numeracy Practice PBT4 Jan 2015 Numeracy Practice PBT3 Jan 2015 Numeracy Practice PBT2 Jan 2015 tlc_sampletest_math on line tests PST_Maths Numeracy_test-exemplar

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