ec2 Project

ON HOLD UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE – Electrochemistry – Electron Capture

Student safety is our primary concern.

We seek to duplicate the work done at Leonardo Pirelli Secondary in Rome Italy. We must ensure safety procedures are followed by students in any hands on activities. Our safety advisor is an SFU professor who helped invent and build calorimeters, and co authoured three papers on calorimetry problems in the search for new forms of energy.

1. Complete the glove box that can hold the storage cans.

2. Figure out the bend technique & order to get the wire electrodes into the right shape that presses down on the mesh. Practice with coat hangers!

3. Develop the kickerstarter – timeline and proposal.

4. Fasten glassware to partition walls & hosing trials with the flow meter sensor during the Spring Break

5. Complete the 220V power cable, safety breaker, rectification and distribution.

6. Set up the instrumentation and data logging system.

strike the spark v2

Check out the following article

If you want to spread the news, read and remember some important points to mention to people.

We fully intend to save the earth’s environment, allow a developed standard of energy intensive living for most, if not all, of humanity. We will break the link between hydrocarbons, wealth and war. We will fulfil our destiny to expand civilization, and head out into space, exploring our solar system and the nearby stars. You can take us to the next level, where industry, governments and universities will get involved.

We are doing an electro chemistry, electron capture experiment. We are putting lightning in a bottle. Using an electric current, we will get protons from water to capture electrons, and change into neutrons. The neutrons will be captured by nearby nuclei and make them unstable, so they will decay. This happens on crevices and surface defects of nano (one billionth) materials such as palladium, tungsten & nickel.
It is a nuclear process unlike fusion and fission. It does occur naturally in stars at certain points in their life cycles, It may occur in lightning and other places naturally. We hope to demonstrate the energy output is larger by at least four time the energy input. The energy output is from matter to energy conversion, E=mc2. We will convert some hydrogen and metal atoms into heavier elements, the mass “lost” difference becoming energy. Steam power is poised for a major comeback.

We are NOT using any radioactive materials. No uranium, no thorium, no plutonium, no transuranic… none… We are using stainless steel, tungsten, nickel & electricity. The Theory we are using as a starting base is called Widom-Larsen Theory. NASA is also testing this theory.

There can be NO nuclear explosion.
– the force here is the electro-weak force, not the strong nuclear force, orders of magnitude weaker
– there is no mechanism for a chain reaction that propagates and increases the reaction rate. No fast neutrons for fission.
– there is an independent time delay from electron capture to eventual decay, again no direct link.

The radiation produced is very weak alpha and beta particles,
– easily stopped by aluminum foil
– no gamma rays – thermalized by “heavy electrons”
– no high energy neutrons, the low momentum ones are captured AND INITIATE TRANSMUTAIONS.
– our reactor is inside a thick aluminum autoclave and behind water shielding for protection.2008Widom-PrimerForElectroWeak

There are no radioactive wastes produced
– materials like Tungsten & Nickel will gain neutrons and then decay to transmuted stable forms, usually copper

We cannot have an explosion – our design has layers of prevention & protection
– our reactor is open, vented but shielded, to the atmosphere, so no pressure can build up
– energy will boil away solution until the electrodes are no longer immersed, current and reactions stops
– all glassware is wrapped in stainless steel mesh
– produced hydrogen gas will be diluted with air by a pump to below combustion, conflagration limits and put into a mechanic’s shop car exhaust handling system
– reaction current cannot flow unless the exhaust gas flow streams are above certain minimum.

No carbon dioxide is emitted during energy production. Possibly the opposite, we will eliminate carbon. It may be possible to use aromatic carbon rings as feed stock and get out 3000 X as much energy as burning the same carbon, AND the carbon is transmuted to other elements.
– Solution to global warming caused by hydrocarbon based energy system, we replace tons of carbon with grams of nickel as fuel.
– All the worlds’ current energy needs can be met by using 1% of current annual nickel use, at a price around a quarter of the dirtiest fuel, coal.
– it may be possible to treat high level radioactive waste and make them harmless in such reactor, and gat energy out of the process.
– Interplanetary space travel will become possible – spaceships will not cruise and glide after a blast off, they will accelerate half way to target, and decelerate the last half. Journeys to the planets will take weeks, not months or years.
– there is almost an inexhaustible amount of nickel in the asteroid belt and hydrogen that we will have access to. Asteroid mining companies have already formed.
– the energy density is actually higher than deuterium-deuterium fusion

Humanity can have a high standard of living based on clean, inexpensive energy, make desalinated water available for thirsty nations and we can protect the environment from damage from oil spills, pipelines, contaminants from fracking, neutralize radiation-active waste and allow the atmosphere’s composition to return to pre-industrial levels of greenhouse gases.

We are almost ready to conduct our prototype runs. We may simply confirm the Law of Conservation of Energy, or we may participate in the bringing to the humanity most important knowledge since fire. Our next phase is to complete an advanced calorimeter and duplicate the experiment with better controls and instrumentation. To support this we are working on a Kick Starter site, where supporters will be able to buy a T shirt, mouse pad or a fake diploma from the Alchemy Academy real soon to support our next phase of work – the Inverse Labrynth Water Flow Calorimeter. Electro-chemistry electron – capture.

SCIENCE PAPER, PRIMER on W-L 2008Widom-PrimerForElectroWeak


2 Responses to “ec2 Project”

  1. alaincoe November 13, 2012 at 2:25 am #


    I am alainco, moderator on, and doing info-watch and tech-watch about LENR.
    I’m also linked to the newly birthed project LENR Cities.

    Would it be possible to get in contact…
    I would be interested to know your progress about Hydrobetatron replication, about Defkalion in Vancouver, about the scientific or business approach, about students and professors position on various related subjects.

    We (David the creator of lenrforum and lenrnews, and all the moderatoirs) would happily publish an interview, an article, on or, and best of all, let you write a tribune or a chronicle..

    Don’t hesitate to contact me as AlainCo on, or by any other place where you will probably link me.

    By the way, you will find many data referred, gathered, linked, and discussed on . I imagine that some of you could even make that body of information grow in size and quality.

    best regards

    • mrbscigladstone November 18, 2012 at 8:21 pm #

      Hi, Klaus from Gladstone Secondary in Vancouver, British Columbia replying.

      We are building an “Athanor”, and we are aiming for prototype runs in the first week of January, 2013. Widom-Larsen theory is our working theory starting point

      We are a group of teachers & students who are going to test Ugo Abundo’s claims of excess energy. The students come Tuesdays & Thursdays after school, but as Term 1 is ending, I expect the students to focus on their last assignments & tests in the term.

      Most of our work is currently in meeting the safety recommendations of our Safety Advisor, who has written three papers on calorimetry errors in the pursuit of “cold fusion:.

      A lot of work is being done, wrapping all glassware (condensers & flame traps) in stainless steel mesh, building a containment vessel based on an autoclave and ensuring that the H2 exhaust gas flow is diluted well below combustible limits. We are buying up bits and pieces, often online, and trying to fit them together.

      Our glove box for nano materials handling is almost complete, and we plugging away at a very long list of tasks to be ready for testing soon.

      We are hoping to have our kickstarter site up and functional for Jan 5, to raise funds for the “Alchemy Academy”, and conduct a range of experiments with an ILWFC (inverse water flow calorimeter) to a high level. We hope to offer replication kits to other schools and institutions to high level donors.

      Please contact me at my work email It was lucky that I was checking up on some ebay purchase confirmations when I came up upon your note.

      I will send you a few pictures of the custom glass and work we have done so far this week.

      Best of wishes, and say “Hi” to Ugo Abundo for me. I would love to make contact with him someday. Klaus Canada 1 604 446 2224

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