Crusading for Liberty

The Book that some think will bring down Trump!  Fire_and_Fury_-_Michael_Wolff

  • I doubt that it will, but you can read what the fuss is about….

Blogs that challenge your thinking and reading level.

Howard James Kunstler Art and culture commentary.  He thinks we’re going down…

VDH Private papers link Author Classicist and tour de force of intellectual rigor.

Max Abraham’s Page NNTaleb says this guy has the best understanding and prediction record on the War in Syria…

AWESOME example of a plan to ACTUALLY do something to SAVE THE PLANET.  Put down that protest sign, and sign up for a course in STEM, Physics & Oceanography

Gather the discarded plastic from the Oceans,

Paper about Global Warming and the ‘correction’ of past data sets.  I will be reading this soon…



Links to an e-collection of the great books of the western world

List of great paper books



If  you want to write screenplays for movies, you must read a lot of them,

“Until you have read 100, you are nowhere..”


Fun reads

Of Spies and Strategem OSS Stanley P Lovell by the Dr. Moriarity of the CIA’s predecessor

Ryszard Kapuscinski – Excellent adventures of a Journalist

Kapus´cin´ski, Ryszard – I Wrote Stone (2007)

Kapus´cin´ski, Ryszard – The Emperor (1983)


Documents on bringing about the Glorious Revolution, Comrades

Gulag Archipelago full text the-gulag-archipelago

Yuri Bezemov no novosti is good news yuri-bezmenov-no-novosti-is-good-news

Saul Alinksy’s Rules for Radicals alinskuy 24 rules and ethics  Full Rules for Radicals

Che Guevarra Manual for Guerillas Warfare che-guevara-guerrilla-warfare

Mao Tse Tung’s Manual for Guerrilla Warfare mao-tse-tung-on-guerrilla-warfare

Moynihan’s The Negro Family The 60’s report that was ignored…

The Weight of the Poor: A Strategy to End Poverty The Weight of the Poor

(Strategy to create crisis with welfare)


Critiques of the Post-Modern, Cultural Marxist take-over of society.

Dr. J. Peterson recommends Hicks’ Explaining Postmodernism  hicks-ep-full



Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World  The Communists have won and bring on their socialist utopia.  A lot of sex, drugs, porno & candy to placate the people.

George Orwell’s 1984 His experiences fighting on the Socialist side in the Spanish Civil War inspired his dystopian vision of the future.  Big Brother is Watching.

Plato’s Republic Classic about organizing society, first 170 pages are commentary on it.


Conceptual Physics Textbook pdf Hewitt – Conceptual Physics 10e


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