Crusading for Liberty

Incredible classical scholar and war historian, Victor Hansen Davis ( I bought & read his on Savior Generals) publishes a blog  that challenges your reading and thinking level  VDH Private papers link

AWESOME example of a plan to ACTUALLY do something to SAVE THE PLANET.  Put down that protest sign, and sign up for a course in STEM, Physics & Oceanography

Gather the discarded plastic from the Oceans,

Paper about Global Warming and the ‘correction’ of past data sets.  I will be reading this soon…



Links to an e-collection of the great books of the western world

List of great paper books



If  you want to write screenplays for movies, you must read a lot of them,

“Until you have read 100, you are nowhere..”


Fun reads

Of Spies and Strategem OSS Stanley P Lovell by the Dr. Moriarity of the CIA’s predecessor

Ryszard Kapuscinski – Excellent adventures of a Journalist

Kapus´cin´ski, Ryszard – I Wrote Stone (2007)

Kapus´cin´ski, Ryszard – The Emperor (1983)


Documents on bringing about the Glorious Revolution, Comrades

Gulag Archipelago full text the-gulag-archipelago

Yuri Bezemov no novosti is good news yuri-bezmenov-no-novosti-is-good-news

Alinksy’s Rules for Radicals- Obama & Hillary’s Bible

(Short Summary) alinskuy 24 rules and ethics

(Full Version) Rules for Radicals

Che Guevarra Manual for Guerillas Warfare che-guevara-guerrilla-warfare

Mao Tse Tung’s Manual for Guerrilla Warfare mao-tse-tung-on-guerrilla-warfare

Moynihan’s The Negro Family The 60’s report that was ignored…

The Weight of the Poor: A Strategy to End Poverty The Weight of the Poor

(Strategy to create crisis with welfare)


Critiques of the Post-Modern, Cultural Marxist take-over of society.

Dr. J. Peterson recommends Hicks’ Explaining Postmodernism  hicks-ep-full



aldoushuxley_bravenewworld  An older vision of the coming future socialist utopia.  Hug me like soma, till I’m in a Coma!  Holy FORD!  Make the sign of the “T”.  Caution.  A lot of sex, a lot.

George Orwell’s 1984 george-orwell-1984

Plato’s Republic  republic Classic about organizing society


Conceptual Physics Textbook pdf Hewitt – Conceptual Physics 10e


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